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Commercial grade drying fans


Does the air in your home feel sticky? When your home has excessive humidity, contact the rental equipment professionals at Mike Silvia's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. Inc. Feel the difference when you rent on of our LGR dehumidifiers!


Save time by drying your basement quickly

Is your basement always humid? Eliminate the humidity from your basement or other rooms in your home with quality equipment rentals from Mike Silvia's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. Inc.

Commercial grade drying fan

Air equipment & fans available for rent

  • Dry-air

  • Dry-ease

  • Air scrubbers

  • Air movers (fans only)

Commercial grade dehumidifier

Phoenix brand dehumidifiers

Enjoy the dependable Phoenix brand of dehumidifiers when you rent from our owner-operated business. Have peace of mind knowing that you choose how many days to rent them since renting is calculated per day.

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